Marlin PR

Experian’s Data Self

The Brief

Help consumers understand the best ways to take control of their finances by being more aware of their Data Self, their online financial profile and how they appear to lenders and banks who are considering whether or not to loan them money.

The Solution

We created an interactive online website “Introducing Your Data Self”, which launched on the same day as the main ad campaign, to kick off a conversation with consumers about the role of data in their lives.

The Impact

Day one response, alone, was so positive that the hub was swiftly promoted to the Experian home page. It now ranks top for Google search on the combined terms “Experian” and “Data Self”, and on page 1 on the term “Data Self” solely. A vox-pops video taking to UK streets to bust big credit myths, created by Marlin Studio in one week delivered 173,000 views and a view-thru-rate (VTR) of 40%.

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