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Wellbeing has always played a massive part in life at Marlin and whilst we may have been physically apart for some time – now, more than ever, the wellbeing of every member of the team remains incredibly important.

That’s why, a few months ago, we launched our ‘mini series’ called Wellbeing From Home (WFH). Each week we used team feedback to help us to understand the wellbeing needs of the teams, and then designed a seven day initiative to help us all to focus on a particular topic related to wellbeing.

We are 8 weeks in and so far we have had:

1: Creative Commute (repurposing our travel time to boost engagement)

2: Life on my lunch hour (a mid-day rest for mind and body)

3: March to Market (a team steps target – virtual laps of Borough!)

4: Mindfulness (sharing what we do to keep calm and centered)

5: Brain Fuel (sharing recipes to keep body and mind healthy)

6: Sleep (putting in new habits to protect and enhance our sleep patterns)

7: Thankfulness (focusing on the good news stories)

8: Community (reaching out, connecting, and helping others)

We’re all adjusting to new ways of working – and now we’ve settled into our working from home rhythms, we want to make sure we’re setting some great habits across the team – and we find that sharing what we’re doing, really helps to keep us accountable for achieving our personal goals.

We hope that everyone in our networks is keeping well and ensuring they, too, are looking after their own wellbeing at home.

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Date Published

July 01, 2020



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