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The power of tech & team spirit

In such difficult and fast changing circumstances, the communications challenge facing every business is unprecedented, and for this reason, we wanted to let you know what the team at Marlin is doing.

Thankfully, secure, flexible and remote working has long been an integral part of our agency culture, so our team has quickly transitioned to this new normal and everyone is working hard to support our clients and media in such a rapidly evolving situation.

Empowering the world’s response to Covid-19

Since the day we launched Marlin, the team and I have been dedicated to supporting the most innovative technologies and visionaries of our time. I never cease to be amazed and inspired by our clients’ missions and their ability to make a positive and meaningful impact on the world around us.

So many clients and different technologies are now proving pivotal in the world’s fight against Covid-19 and people’s ability to adapt quickly and responsibly. We feel a deep sense of purpose and responsibility in our work. AI models and biotech are accelerating government strategy whilst cloud, data, cybersecurity and collaboration tools are empowering people in their personal and work lives to connect anywhere.

Celebrating our media

Our media also have an invaluable role to play as a trusted source of information and insight in such fast changing circumstances. For years, editorial teams have operated under increasing pressures, and it’s impressive to hear and see how they are currently redeploying resources and stress testing scenarios to ensure they continue to help empower their audiences.


As well as access to the latest news and facts from our media, it’s been so heartening to read stories about acts of kindness and positive purpose from individuals and organisations alike. Our agency mission is The Pursuit of Better, not only for our team and our clients, but also for the world around us. We believe every person and every business can help make a difference and we will continue to actively do so locally in the Borough Market area and beyond.

Looking ahead

Although we don’t know what’s around the corner, we remain committed to helping the next generation find work in such unsettling economic conditions so we will continue with our intern programme, albeit not physically in the office! And like so many small businesses across the country, we have always felt part of such a special and resilient community and care enormously about helping our agency partners, friends & suppliers as much as we can.


Whilst helping the team to navigate the enormity of recent events and what lies ahead, I have been constantly reminded how lucky we are to be able to continue to work so closely and effectively thanks to technology and team spirit. I’ve loved learning about neat new health and wellbeing apps keeping the team energised; creating a whole new army of customised emojis and Slack channels; and of course meeting everyone’s pets & housemates!

Jenny Tod

Founder & Managing Director

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Date Published

March 25, 2020



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