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A new chapter in our Pursuit of Better

Since 2008, our team at Marlin has been dedicated and driven by the belief that technology should fulfil its vast potential to make the world a better place. Our work matters. We represent some of the most forward-thinking companies and visionaries on this planet and we are responsible, accountable and driven to make our communications count.

Across the agency, we are all united in a shared commitment and belief - to pursue better - as individuals and as a team, in the way we work and for our planet. This feels more important than ever before.

In this extraordinary and transformational year, we have been hugely grateful to continue our double digit growth and be able to support our talented people and incredible clients changing the world. We have onboarded inspiring new talent and started work with pioneering new clients such as CodeFirstGirls, Coursera, Clearbanc, FoundersLane, Keeper and Circle CI.

But as we have grown, so have our ambitions to help the world build back better. We have always aspired to try to create the archetype for the next generation of communications agency and we are so proud that Helena Maus, global CEO of Archetype has invited us to join her mission and offered us a global platform to achieve this.

It gives me great pleasure to confirm that, from February 1st 2021, Marlin PR will join forces and become Archetype UK in a shared ambition to lead and inspire a next generation of a true purpose-driven agency.

I am so excited to lead both UK teams at such a pivotal time as we reset during the pandemic and meet the challenges of our climate crisis and deepening inequality.

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November 02, 2020


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