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How much is each funding round worth for tech companies? - An infographic

Infographic Funding Average Amount

In recent years, there have been a number of big IPOs that have changed the landscape of the business and tech industry. Tech innovators can become household names once they’ve successfully orchestrated various funding rounds and made themselves public companies.

In the lead up to going public, though, they will have gone through a long fundraising journey. As mentioned in our previous blogs (which you can find here), the level of funding required can vary drastically from company to company. And it’s not always obvious how much these different ‘Series’ represent in terms of funds raised on average.

In the infographic above, we have outlined the ranges that these figures generally adhere to. This is a rough guideline - but, of course, every business is different and there will always be exceptions to every rule. If you are looking to publicise an upcoming funding announcement, or are interested in talking to us about media representation, then get in touch at [email protected], or follow us on Twitter and Linkedin.

Table of contents

Infographic Funding Average Amount Raised Table Of Contents

Table of contents for average amount of money raised per Series funding round

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