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Here are the 5 core elements your whitepaper must have to succeed

Whitepapers can be a great way for tech firms to bring something new to the conversation in their industry.

And it’s super important to make sure the strategy for launching a whitepaper is joined up and integrated, if you want to make the most of them.

But what about the whitepaper itself? What elements do you need to include to make sure it’s interesting, insightful and shareable?

Here we’ve run down the five key elements any great whitepaper should have.

1. Insightful data

It might sound obvious - but the data in your report is the most fundamental element of all.

Before you even think about building the paper - you need to spend time thinking through your data lines and working with a survey agency to make sure you’re getting good quality, interesting stats.

This is what will resonate with people, and what will make them want to share your report with their own networks.

2. Foreword from a senior decision-maker

It’s crucial that you get buy-in for your report from the most senior people in your business.

A good foreword is a great way to get backing from senior leadership - but can also provide a great introduction to the context around why you’re creating this paper.

Your report will also look more credible to outside observers.

3. Data visualisation

The design elements of your whitepaper are crucial.

Data shows a picture does indeed tell a thousand words - as the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text and 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

So it’s important that the stats you’ve discovered from your research are represented in a visually engaging way.

Work with a designer to figure out colour schemes, page layouts, and interesting ways of representing factual information.

4. A case study

It’s important to help people see how the industry you’re operating in works in practice. Customer case studies are great for this.

A write-through of the work you do together is a great place to start. Then add images and data.

The crucial element here is to make sure it also relates to the points you’re making in the rest of the whitepaper. This will make the whole thing feel coherent and harmonious.

5. Inviting landing page

The landing page is the first thing most people will see when they click through to your whitepaper - so make that real estate count.

We’ve discussed in a previous blog how it’s important to optimise your landing page for SEO. And it’s also crucial that you think carefully about the content on there.

It’s a fine balance, because you want to give away enough information to make people want to visit and keep reading - but not so much that you waste the info in your whitepaper download.

Remember - downloads are the aim of the game, so don’t just repeat the entire paper!

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Date Published

March 02, 2020



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