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From the App Store to 3D Metal Printers: the tech that’s changed our lives over the last 10 years

At Marlin we have just celebrated our tenth birthday so what better time to celebrate all that is tech? The last decade has seen technology that we could previously only dream of being created and used every day. We have surpassed the year of Back to the Future, while Black Mirror is becoming more of a reality. In an age where technology takes such a high precedence in our lives, we think it’s a great moment to take a step back and look at where it all came from.

2008 was APPsolutely amazing

Downloading apps has never been easier and it all sprung from the wonderful year of 2008. This was the year that Apple created the App store which ultimately shaped how we create and distribute apps today. This creation demystified and democratised the world of apps and now anyone can make their own. In the App Store’s first year they had a total of 5k apps, this is a stark comparison to the 2 million and ever growing number of apps they have now.

App Store

Apple's App Store arrived a decade ago

We got REAL in 2009

2009 was the year the real-time search revolution was formed. Social media  kicked-started this revolution as the ability to get content in real time changed the way people searched and interacted completely. Large search engine companies realised that although not all the sources were reliable they were socially and culturally important.

Kinection is key in 2010

Microsoft Kinect revolutionised how Xbox users connected with game play,but went one step further, recognising that Kinect could do more than this - like helping children with autism. The term the ‘Kinect Effect’ was coined as stories from all over the world appeared, exclaiming how this new innovation was transforming lives and enabling creatvity.. To top off a great year for the company, Kinect featured in the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest-selling consumer electronic device  - 8 million in the first 60 days.


The 'Kinect Effect'

2011 gave us 3Dom from glasses

Toshiba’s Glasses-Free 3D laptop really took the tech community by storm, allowing the user to experience 3D without having to wear clunky unpractical glasses. This was a sign that Toshiba were turning their attention to usable tech and they were always looking to create innovative products. The laptop might not have been the hit sensation Toshiba was hoping for, but personally I think it was a thoughtful bit of tech with user comfort at it’s core.

2012 the dawn of VoD

Video on Demand (VoD) really became a thing in 2012. Netflix stocks soared as the growth in VoD changed the way we consume content, and the new providers have since used their new found wealth to become content creators as well. Now there are more VoD sites than ever and the ability to watch what you want,  when you want on a variety of devices is a luxury we have grown accustomed to.

Stranger Things

New Netflix releases like Stranger Things 2 are now Box Office events

Drones deliver in 2013

Although drones had been around for many years 2013 really put them into the spotlight for the everyday consumer. Amazon showed how drones could be used for deliveries, while Skyjack, the drone which hacks other drones, grabbed  the media and the public’s attention. We now use drones for a great number of things, even filmingcrowds at large events at festivals.This really shows how tech that was originally purposed for businesses can be adapted so the public can enjoy it too.

2014 why don’t we go wireless?

Cables are becoming a thing of the past as wireless electricity became a new, easier way to charge our devices. We can now just put our phones on a table to charge them, while chain brands like Starbucks offer wireless charging stations like free wifi. This technology gave us inspiration for the future as it opened up the idea of what else could be wirelessly charged, like electric cars. Imagine charging your car without having to get out of it?

The power of Apple Pay struck 2015

The launch of Apple Pay changed how we feel about making payments. There used to be a huge difference with online and offline payment but, with the use of mobile payment systems, the line is becoming blurred. The streamlined service lets us pay with a touch of a button or the swipe of a phone. We can now do our online shop, without spending ages retyping  our card details, whilst buying a round of drinks all at the same time.

Entertainment is VeRy important in 2016

Oculus Rift was all we heard about in 2016 as the videos went viral and we saw the reaction of the lucky few who got to try it out first.  Whether travelling into outer space, or going through the wilderness, we can all now make our wildest dreams a reality. Being immersed in home entertainment has never been easier with this cool bit of tech. You can even attend a concert from the other side of the globe so no more queues and sweaty crowds.

2017 is where wireless earbuds will rock your commute

No more of those clumsy moments where your earphone wires get caught on someone else's jacket on the busy commute in. Wireless earbuds made listening to music super easy and no fuss. Originally they came with a high price tag, but now there’s a great range of quality and prices out there for anyone who’s fed up of detangling.

2018 is making the future metal

3D metal printing is huge this year. Not only does it sound cool but it is great for cutting down on waste and energy consumption. Although this is not at consumer level yet,  it is making waves in the manufacturing world. It is said that the parts the printers make are lighter and stronger than conventional metal parts. Essentially these printers are like a factory in a box. Need a new car part? No worried - just print it.

What’s Next…?

There is no knowing what will exactly happen in tech in the next ten years from bionic eyes for consumers to a high-speed rail connecting the east to the west. However, wherever we end up - Marlin will be at the forefront of tech which is in the pursuit of better.

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Date Published

July 30, 2018

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