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5 ways to improve wellbeing at work

From offers of rock-climbing sessions and free healthy breakfasts to better awareness of mental health, wellbeing is something that employers should be mindful of when creating a good place to work.

Today, people want to work in an environment that is creative, collaborative, inclusive and thoughtful. Wellbeing is central to this. But it goes far beyond just perks – it is about helping teams feel happy, fulfilled and healthy.

In our pursuit of better wellbeing at Marlin, we’ve created a programme that encourages our team to discover, learn and engage. Here are some of the things we've learned:

1. Healthy eats

Providing free food is always popular but offering healthy snacks like nuts, fruit and smoothies are just as much of a treat with the benefit of filling us with vitamins and nutrients.


2. Flexible working

Our lives aren’t 9-5 so everyone at Marlin has the option to work from home one day a week.

Getting a change of scenery can be great for creativity and also allow you to fit in that extended gym session.

3. Get moving

Meetings don’t need to be confined to the board room. Walking and talking can be highly productive.

After all, you get some fresh air and gentle exercise not to mention you’re not distracted by your emails.

4. Push each other to discover

Personal admin often falls to the bottom of our to do list, let alone trying to find a new hobby.


Having a scheme in place where people can do taster sessions, be it kickboxing or meditation, provides a quick and simple way to discover something new that you love.

5. It’s good to talk

Creating an environment that people feel comfortable to share is really important.

Having a scheme in place whereby everyone has a people manager allows our team to talk openly about their feelings and development.

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Date Published

May 25, 2018


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