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Six tech companies changing the way you'll listen to music forever

Innovation has always been fundamental to the musical world - ever since the invention of the first ever prehistoric instruments.

So in an era when new tech is reimagining almost everything we see and do, it’s no surprise that in 2019 it's stepping forward to be rediscovered all over again.

There is a wealth of innovators all over the world vying to reshape the ways we hear, feel, and interact with our favourite tunes.

Here we’ve taken a look at some of the most exciting among them...



AI composition tool Amper already has some mainstream work on it’s fledgeling CV - after it helped produce an album for pop singer Taryn Southern.

Amper's popular public beta tool was closed down recently after the company secured new funding, but they stress that they'll be moving on to even more exciting products in the near future.

Watch this space.

Flow Machines


Sony Computer Science Labs’ project Flow Machines is a music AI that claims to already be creating compelling, professional-quality music.

It uses a type of pattern recognition programme called a Markov Chain to identify popular musical themes, before turning that insight into brand new variations on them.

That essentially means that if you feed the AI all your favourite Spice Girls hits, you can reasonably expect it to come up with a halfway decent Mel C vocal riff.

Viva forever!



London-based JukeDeck say they’re on a mission to fuel people’s creativity using musical AI.

Their tools are built for anyone from musicians to video producers to developers - and they basically use AI to create completely original, royalty-free music.

They’ve already picked up an innovation award at Cannes Lions, as well as a top gong at the TechCrunch Disrupt awards.



Melodrive are another ai-based musical innovator.

But the thing that really makes them stand out is the infinite stream of music their system can create - and users can interact with it at any time.

It’s an idea that takes human-machine musical collaboration into another realm - as a person can essentially play an AI like an instrument.

Meta music for the digital age. Sign us up.



Unlike the other companies in this list, ChucK is a language all of its own.

Just like you can build apps using C++ - you can build music using ChucK.

What started as a grad project for Princeton student Ge Wang has grown to become something of a cult phenomenon for coders - who are finally able to listen to a well-written piece of code as a beautifully composed symphony.



The world of sheet music hasn't really changed much over the last few hundred years. But that's all about to change.

London-based Nkoda have developed a massive 30-million-sheet library of music that's all accessible via a nifty iPad app.

It's designed to work just as well for kids learning in the front room as it does for pros reciting Bach at the Albert Hall.

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Date Published

January 22, 2019




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