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Five of London's most innovative health tech startups

London has become a global powerhouse for innovative HealthTech start-ups.

From artificially-intelligent scanners to apps that monitor vital signs in real-time, every area of medicine is being renewed and revitalised by tech innovation.

And since this year marks 70 years of our NHS, we thought it would be a great time to highlight some of the most innovative health-tech businesses working in the capital today.

Oxford Heartbeat

Founded in 2016, Oxford Heartbeat utilises AI technology to convert 2D medical scans into 3D models.


It’s been developed to allow surgeons to visualise information from inside blood vessels, tissue and bones, and provide high-resolution visibility for keyhole surgeries.

And this new information is revolutionising a huge number of different surgical procedures. Stents are just one example. Traditionally, the problem with stent surgery is that conventional 2D scans are incapable of providing a detailed enough image to decide where to insert the best stent.

This uncertainty results in corrective surgery that costs the NHS half a billion pounds every year. Oxford Heartbeat’s software allows surgeons to virtually test various stents to find the most suitable for that particular patient at a fraction of the cost.


Andiamo is a start-up with a tragic founding story.

Founders Naveed and Samiya Parvez had a son, Diamo, who suffered from cerebral palsy. Diamo was a quadriplegic who needed specialist body splints which were painful to fit - and the time taken to produce them meant he would soon outgrow them.


Diamo sadly died in 2012, and his parents dedicated themselves to finding a better solution for producing such braces. By 2015, Andiamo was producing tech-enabled orthotics which use 3D scanning and printing technology to make the whole process far easier and cheaper. The fitting is painless, the orthoses are up to 65% lighter than traditional ones and delivery can be achieved within 2 weeks of a person’s need, anywhere in the world.


BotsAndUs is a data-driven robotics and AI start-up that combines social sciences with the latest technology to create robots that integrate into everyday life.

Bo is their first social robot, his primary purpose is to be an intelligent assistant for events, hospitality, travel, real estate and retail.

He’s been trialled interacting with customers in shopping centres and events – but also, importantly, as a companion for the sick and elderly.


One case study, James, suffers from Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), which causes his skin to blister and burn at the slightest touch and who also suffers from recurring skin cancer. James is working with BotsAndUs to upload his memories into Bo by speaking to it and telling it stories.

The robot’s natural language processing technology allows it to hear and record what James is saying. The exploration into uploading James’s memories into Bo is a way of preserving his memories and legacy by sharing his story when he no longer is around.

Immersive Rehab

Immersive Rehab is a start-up that creates interactive physical and neuro-rehabilitation programmes in Virtual Reality.

Its objective is to increase the effectiveness of physical and neuro-rehabilitation, and hence patient recovery, by reducing referral times and making rehabilitation more engaging and fun.


VR allows the patients to engage with their physical rehabilitation programme without the demoralising slow recovery process found in the traditional weight training.

The virtual reality creates a 3D world in which the patients think they are moving objects thereby accessing the neuroplasticity of their brain and improving motor function.

Touch Surgery

Touch Surgery is a London and New-York based start-up that is using a 3D simulation app to help train surgeons.


The app, developed by a group of plastic surgeons, is a more cost-effective method of training NHS surgeons without the need for cadavers. The Touch Surgery platform is an interactive surgical stimulator which allows healthcare practitioners to learn and practice surgical procedures. The app also provides tips, advice and feedback and is currently being used by medical students at ICL. Touch Surgery believe that digital technology is the solution to the global surgical inequality, teaching surgeons to deliver safe surgical care to everyone.


Here at Marlin, we are passionate about the potential of innovative technology to make the world a better place. If you want to learn more about what we do, please get in touch.

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