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7 things to consider when announcing your tech funding round

So you’ve successfully raised your capital and are looking to tell the world about the vote of confidence your investors have given you. For any tech startup, these announcements are a big deal, and a sign of your company getting itself in a position to grow even more.

Here at Marlin, we have had plenty of experience working in unison with exciting tech companies to tell the story of their funding, and the exciting growth that comes with it.

There are many steps to consider when planning to announce this new injection of capital - we’ve taken a look at the key things you’ll want to get right.

Decide what you want to achieve

First thing’s first - take a step back and consider what you want to achieve from the announcement. Whether you’ve already got an eye on further investment for the next round, or you’re looking to attract bright upcoming tech talent to bolster the incredible work you’re doing, it’s key that you decide what the purpose is and build your narrative around it.

TOP TIP: If this is one of your early fundraising rounds, be sure to think carefully about how you want to introduce yourself to the media. Your messaging and narrative is crucial to how you’re seen by competitors, investors and potential employees alike.

Build an informed strategy

A vital part of a successful announcement for your new funding is allowing yourself enough time to plan. Give yourself a month to carefully and strategically plan where you want to see coverage, how you plan on securing it, and mapping out the steps you need to get there.

TOP TIP: It’s all about quality rather than quantity, so ensure that you look at which publications are going to put you in front of the right audience. Whilst it is always great to get lots of coverage across many different verticals, the priority is speaking to your key media titles first.

Consider your timing

A key part of successfully announcing funding is to understand the media you're talking to. Often journalists will want to be informed in advance of the news going live, giving them time to write their pieces ahead of an embargo. On other occasions, they will request that they hold the story as an exclusive giving them time to break the news ahead of other outlets.

TOP TIP: Keep an eye out for any major scheduled announcements from tech giants. The last thing you want is to be battling for air space with a Google or Apple announcement!

Work closely with your investors

Your investors are your greatest asset. When you’re writing your announcement or press release, ensure you feed your investors’ thoughts in and give them sight of the release ahead of time. Your audiences will be keen to understand the reasons why your investors have decided to partner with you, and what you’re both looking to achieve together.

TOP TIP: Be sure to highlight which of your investors has led the funding round. Similarly, if you have an ongoing relationship with any of your investors, this sort of information will allow your audience to understand more about your company.

Allow time to speak to media

People love to put a face to a name, and allowing your spokespeople to talk to journalists about the amazing work you’ve been doing, and how the latest round of funding is going to help continue this, is pivotal. It is important that your executives reserve time to chat with the media in the run-up to your funding announcement. This will go a long way towards getting journalists interested in covering your news, as they love to speak with real human beings rather than simply reading a release.

TOP TIP: If you have sufficient time ahead of your funding announcement, it may be an idea to contact the media in advance and set some interviews up under embargo. If journalists have an exclusive line, they’ll be more inclined to write about you.

Prep, prep, prep...

Orchestrating and announcing your funding is no mean feat. It is always advisable to prepare all of the documents you will need in advance. Documents such as your press release, media lists, reactive Q&As, and anything related to speaking opportunities can be time-consuming to create, so to ensure they’re thorough. We recommend giving yourself ample time to get these right.

TOP TIP: As previously mentioned, pulling these together is a lot easier if you have already thought about your messaging/narrative. Having this information set in stone allows you to outline what your spokespeople should be talking about, who they should be talking to, and foresee any difficult questions that may come about when talking with the media.

Take advantage of your social channels

This funding announcement may be your most important piece of news yet. In any case, it is progression that you want the whole world to know about. Make sure to use your network of executives, employees, partners and investors to broadcast the news from the likes of Linkedin and Twitter. Social engagement is a great way of drumming-up more interest in your news, so a good use of your time would be to draft a social post for your partners/key investors to publish when the news is announced.

TOP TIP: Once the news has been announced, show off your top piece of coverage on your social channels or create a video announcing the news. Increasing engagement on social channels is always a great way of attracting interest from talented individuals.

And if you can do all that….then you’ll be on the right path. If you think we can help you, get in touch through [email protected] or drop us a DM on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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