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Seed Funding vs. Series A: What's the difference?

So you’re an exciting startup looking to take the next step on your company's story. Naturally, your eyes wander towards investment. And yet the ancient proverb stands….do I raise seed funding or Series A funding? It’s a question that’s seemingly been worrying innovators for as long as time, but...

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7 things to consider when announcing your tech funding round

So you’ve successfully raised your capital and are looking to tell the world about the vote of confidence your investors...

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Marlin 2019 Internship Applications Are OPEN

Albert Einstein once said: “the only source of knowledge is experience.” But when entering the world of work, experience...

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PR Industry Jargon-Buster

PR is an amazing industry to work in - but it can be seriously confusing at times. Just like most industries, we have...

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Seven PR lessons you can learn from Elon Musk

Tesla is the only major car company in the world that spends nothing on advertising. And that isn’t because ads don't...

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Four reasons B2B marketers are getting great results from LinkedIn

More and more ad buyers are switching their budgets to LinkedIn - and it's something we've seen here at Marlin too. The...

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Six tech companies changing the way you'll listen to music forever

Innovation has always been fundamental to the musical world - ever since the invention of the first ever prehistoric...

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