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London Tech Week: Behind the scenes at two of the biggest community events

London Tech Week is a big deal for us at Marlin. From 11th to 17th of June our city is flooded with 50,000 global technology leaders, journalists, policy makers and enthusiasts visiting hundreds of events that this year ranged from a community hackathon to create apps to help alzheimer's patients to...

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London Tech Week: there's never been a better time to work in technology in London

Every month I do a regular paper review for TalkRadio where I dive into the newspapers and pick out the most interesting...

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My pursuit of better: Climbing Kilimanjaro

Marlin’s mission is the Pursuit of Better. This means we work with and want to continue working with brands and people...

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Five ways to improve wellbeing at work

From offers of rock-climbing sessions and free healthy breakfasts to better awareness of mental health, wellbeing is...

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12 Things To Remember Before You Go On TV

Your awesome PR agency has done it again – they’ve successfully hijacked the news agenda and now you are in a cab on the...

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Jenny Plus Branding

Marlin Announces New Studio, Brand And Website

It’s been almost ten years since Marlin was founded, and to celebrate, we’re so excited to be announcing some big...

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